Kroc and roll.

Posted Fri Nov 07, 2003, 15:02 PM by Tracy | |

Way to go Mrs. Joan Kroc! The now-deceased widow of Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s Corp., left $200 million to National Public Radio, the largest monetary gift ever made to an American cultural institution. Mrs. Kroc died this last October. Thank heavens someone in this country has their priorities right.

Every time I’m stuck listening to commercial radio and Tom Shane’s weasely voice reminds me I have a friend in the diamond business, I appreciate public radio all the more.

Not NPR, but PRI (Public Radio International) features a program called The World. Today’s show had a bit about a “talking” seal named Hoover. Apparently he was found and raised by fisherman after his mother was killed. He picked up their vocal patterns. It’s pretty uncanny, to hear a seal “talking” with a Maine accent.

More and more I’m liking this Movable Type setup. It’s nice to not have to upload everything through ftp. I’m planning about how I can use it to organize my essay and knitting sections.

  1. Ayuh, Hoovah sounds like my birth fahtha.

    mamazuki    Fri Nov 7, 07:46 PM    #

  2. Yea MT rules... I should really take the time to finish my site and post more often. But you did a really great job with your new MT site. You should also check the MT web site for additional third party plugins. They have a large selection that you might find usefull.



    Jason    Fri Nov 7, 10:10 PM    #

  3. Love your knitting section! My husband now wants me to make him a Molteni stocking hat.

    — cate    Sun Nov 9, 08:59 AM    #

  4. Sweet!! And here I thought McD's didn't care. That's so cool.

    Yeah - you've inspired me to switch over to MT. I'm almost done. I was checking out the third party plugins. There's some pretty nifty stuff at

    cherz    Sun Nov 9, 02:08 PM    #


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