Damsels in distress.

Posted Sun Nov 09, 2003, 14:03 PM by Tracy | |

We are a nation of voyeurs. There’s nothing we like so much as a pretty, plucky, blonde, preferably virginal, white girl menaced and threatened. Lucky us, we get our choice of imperiled Paulines on TV this Sunday night: Saving Jessica Lynch or The Elizabeth Smart Story. Set your Tivos.

I’m not watching either one. The story of Pvt. Jessica Lynch has already been distorted and contorted so many times since the U.S. military staged a raid on an Iraqi hospital, producing it’s own made-for-tv movie. I’ll settle for the truth. Not that I’m hopeful we’ll ever know everything that really happened.

I’m appalled, but not surprised The Elizabeth Smart Story is being televised. The poor girl has suffered so much terror and degradation at the hands of a madman. It’s just plain sick that the whole thing is being re-played for our entertainment. I hope at least she’s getting some good money from it.

  1. I'm sure Elizabeth Smart is making bank. Hopefully enough to pay for a shrink, college and a name change.

    kungfukitten    Mon Nov 10, 10:12 AM    #


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