Viruses, Trojans and Worms, oh my!

Posted Fri Nov 14, 2003, 15:46 PM by Tracy | |

The trouble started yesterday morning when Norton AntiVirus alerted me to the presence of Trojan. Naldem. This trojan, when activated, surreptitiously opens a port and transmits information about my computer to its creator.

I went to Symantec’s web page for information about this specific trojan and how to remove it. I followed the instructions, and attempted to do a full system virus scan from Safe Mode. NAV wouldn’t work in Safe Mode. Said it was missing some components.

I restarted into Windows and tried to run NAV. Odd, same message. Missing components.

After a few abortive attempts at running NAV, I decided to uninstall and reinstall. That didn’t work either. I kept getting a mysterious error message: error 1304 error writing to [full data path]CKA.exe. Very strange.

Finally I resorted to a manual uninstall of Norton SystemWorks: a very tedious process including deletion of registry keys. When I got to the point of deleting NSW folders, I got this cryptic message in regard to deleting CKA.exe: data error (cyclic redundancy check).

By this time it was nearly 5PM. I got on the phone to Symantec tech support (extended wait times) and initiated online tech support chat with Microsoft. I got through to Microsoft first.

It was fun chatting with the Micro$oft tech support guy. Everything he suggested, I had already done. Start in Safe Mode and delete file? Tried that. Rename file? Tried that. By the time he excused himself to do a little more research I got through to a Symantec tech.

Bless them, they both had the same answer and it wasn’t good. The Symantec tech was more knowledgeable and specific than the Microsoft tech. Cyclic redundancy check is something the computer does to make sure all is peachy keen with your files. If it isn’t, then data error. It points to a problem with the hard media, in this case, my hard drive. Or maybe it’s just a file system problem. Either way, it’s fundamental and not good.

They both had the same solution: run ScanDisk (Microsoft) / Norton Disk Doctor (Symantec). I ran ScanDisk and was subsequently able to delete the offending file and do a proper reinstall. Now everything is good again … sort of.

I’ve been having problems lately with Norton Ghost backup. About 1/3 to 1/2 of the backups fail. I have to run ScanDisk, then Ghost backup. I’m suspicious that my hard drive may be failing.

  1. I just love women who write about this stuff.

    (By the way, it's recognizable)

    Ruben    Sat Nov 15, 02:21 AM    #

  2. yeah... being smarter than the M$ tech is so sexy. :)

    cherz    Sat Nov 15, 07:21 AM    #

  3. Can I point out the obvious? BUY A MAC!

    *Sydney ducks as Tracy throws a wicked roundhouse kick at her head*

    kungfukitten    Mon Nov 17, 09:18 AM    #

  4. I grew up on a Mac. I got a PC because I thought E would be more comfortable using it.

    I'm bilingual.

    I'm not sure I can get my hip that high to roundhouse you in the head.

    Tracy    Mon Nov 17, 09:43 AM    #

  5. In this respect I was raised bilingual too. But no way I'm going to buy a Mac.

    Ruben    Tue Nov 18, 11:27 AM    #

  6. What is this CKA.exe?

    —    Sat Dec 6, 09:23 PM    #


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