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Posted Wed Nov 19, 2003, 09:04 AM by Tracy | |

In Florida Terri Schiavo is kept on life-support by virtue of the legislative intervention. Whether that’s consistent or in contravention of her own wishes, we’ll never know. But the question I ask is, who’s paying for all this?

Here in Oregon we’re letting people die for lack of money. A guy named Doug Schmidt died yesterday after being taken off life-support. The question to ask is, how did he get on life-support in the first place? Schmidt suffered brain-damage and has been in a coma since March when he suffered an epileptic seizure. Why wasn’t he on medication? Because the state ran out of money. Like thousands, Schmidt lost state-paid coverage. No more meds. This is the result.

  1. Yeeeup - same thing happened to a distant friend of mine.

    People care.........

    cherz    Fri Nov 21, 11:46 AM    #


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