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Posted Sat Nov 22, 2003, 17:28 PM by Tracy | |

Last night we went out with a couple of my kung fu buddies to see Bat Boy The Musical, playing its last week. We got cheap balcony seats. For $10 it was worth it. The first half was a little bland, but it really picked up after the intermission. Wade McCollum, as the title character, was fascinating to watch. The role requires a great deal of physical flexibility and grace. He moved his body like a feral contortionist.

I went off to open kung fu workout this morning. No one else was there. Bummer. It’s more fun to train with someone else. But since I was already there, I went to the studio. The door handle was broken! I couldn’t get into the studio to workout. Then it started snowing. I chucked it in and came home to work on my freelance projects.


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