Big fat flakes.

Posted Wed Nov 19, 2003, 09:15 AM by Tracy | |

Here’s the view from my porch this morning, then again a few minutes later. Big fat flakes falling down. Looks like they’re sticking. And me without my snow tires on.

I felt sorry for the spare cat, it’s so cold out, with our first snowfall. I let him in. We now have an atmosphere of uneasy tolerance in the house. It doesn’t look like it’s letting up – either the snow or the cats’ attitude.

  1. I'm just a jealous guy. Snow is the only good thing about winter.

    Ruben    Thu Nov 20, 07:52 AM    #

  2. I had a little bit of snow still on my car this morning but it seems to have melted away. Alas.

    kungfukitten    Thu Nov 20, 10:26 AM    #

  3. ChatMag,
    You forgot to post anything about one of tehmost wonderful experiences of your adult life, namely, last weekend's seminar. Yeow.

    Dan Anderson    Thu Nov 20, 12:39 PM    #

  4. Now that the snow is all gone, and was yesterday's fad. I gotta laugh at how many people freaked out about it.

    "WHAT IS THIS STUFF?! ACK! I can't drive!! The 4mm of slush on the road scares me." They even cancelled classes at PCC.

    Too funny. .. However - it did make me glad to be a telecommuter. Ooooooh broadband and cozy office, I love you.

    cherz    Fri Nov 21, 11:49 AM    #

  5. My driveway was pretty thick with the stuff and sloped, to boot. No way I was leaving the house without my studded tires on. I would end up in the neighbor's yard.

    Tracy    Sat Nov 22, 09:54 AM    #


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