Enjoy your 4500

Posted Thu Nov 27, 2003, 12:31 PM by Tracy | |
Conventional wisdom has it the average Amercian consumes 4500 calories Thanksgiving day. I don’t think I eat that much. Figure in the children who surely aren’t eating that much. Add in the people who can’t afford the big dinner. Someone out there must be eating huge amounts of food.

There’s a ritualistic, ancient feel to this annual national tradition, that extends far back, long before the Puritans’ 17th century thanksgiving. We sacrifice an animal, a special animal that most of us don’t usually consume other times of the year. We bloat ourselves on rich foods, in celebration of the abundance of the recent past. But I think perhaps we also feast on as much food as possible, storing fat in preparation for the hardness of the coming winter.

  1. I'm probably the only person in America that consumed a lean cuisine on Thanksgiving. Total calories 280. Hopefully I made up for other people.

    kungfukitten    Mon Dec 1, 09:05 AM    #


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