Now we’re cooking with gas.

Posted Sat Nov 29, 2003, 15:53 PM by Tracy | |

Christmas came early to our house. Our new appliances were delivered Friday: gas oven & stove, dishwasher, microwave. E installed the dishwasher himself. It’s quiet, fast and has tremendous capacity — everything the old dishwasher wasn’t.

The oven was professionally installed Friday afternoon, just in time for Christmas baking. The last thing baked in the old oven was Thanksgiving pies. We got a convection oven, so my Christmas cookies should turn out very even. No hot spots, so I can shove three pans in the oven at a time.

E and his friend Tom are working on installing the microwave. It’s a hood / microwave. E has been wanting one over the stove that he could vent to the outside. They are busily figuring out how they are going to knock through an outside wall, run the wires, etc etc. I just want them done so I can get on with the Christmas baking.

  1. Christmas baking? Are you serious? Are you aware of the fact that it's still November?

    — Ruben    Sun Nov 30, 10:36 AM    #

  2. Yeah!!! That's awesome, and I am jealous. I was just complaining yesterday that I had to cook on a regular joe stove. I miss the gas.

    cherz    Mon Dec 1, 09:41 AM    #


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