Look Ma, I’m famous.

Posted Sat Dec 06, 2003, 07:39 AM by Tracy | |
The Oregonian Living Dec 6 2003Check out the front page of the Living section of today’s Oregon. Right there, on the left side of the first photo, is one of my Christmas cards from some ten years back.

The article is about creative ways to display your Christmas cards. The author is an illustrator/graphic designer who also happens to be the wife of one of our favorite bartenders. She writes a weekly craft column for the Oregonian.

Already we’ve begun to get Christmas cards. I pick mine up from the printer on Monday. I’m up to my ears in envelopes, getting them all addressed. Why oh why do I do them in calligraphy every year? Each year I feel like I’m behind, but everything gets done on time. I haven’t bought any presents for anyone yet either.

  1. woo hoo! congrats!

    cherz    Sun Dec 7, 06:47 PM    #


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