Wallowing in Idleness.

Posted Tue Dec 09, 2003, 09:37 AM by Tracy | |

We went to the Aladdin Theater last night to see Eric Idle, of Monty Python, as well as other comedic endeavors. It was great fun. The audience insisted on singing along to its old favorites: Sit on My Face, The Lumberjack Song, The Philosophers’ Drinking Song. The Aladdin is a terrific theater for these kinds of shows – warm, intimate. Unfortunately, it also means Mr Idle was unable to fill the Schnitzer, where he was originally booked.

The show included a pianist and a couple other players who worked our favorite skits with Mr Idle. The second half was largely reminisces. Eric Idle was a great friend of late Beatle George Harrison, whom he met at a London screening of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. George Harrison put up most of the money for the production of “Life of Brian” because, as Eric Idle said, “He wanted to see the movie. It was the most expensive movie ticket in history.”

  1. I didn't know he was in town! I love Eric Idle and I mean that in the Biblical sense.

    kungfukitten    Wed Dec 10, 11:02 AM    #


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