It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Posted Mon Dec 08, 2003, 10:17 AM by Tracy | |

We have a tree. It is still naked, wrapped in plastic twine. But we have a tree. We also have a wreath on the front door. E and his buddies went tree schopping Sunday.

Even better, we have the microwave / hood installed. E and his buddy Tom spent nearly all Saturday wrestling with that monstrosity. They still need to cut through an outside wall to vent it to the great outdoors. But otherwise everything is functional. It looks damn good. The kitchen seems bigger with the old microwave off the counter. Now we need to find new homes for all the crap we had put on top of the microwave. E nearly threw out his shoulder patting himself on the back. He deserves it.

My weight loss is like the glaciers receding: almost imperceptibly slow, yet inexorable. I should probably look that word up to make sure it means what I want it to mean. In any event, I am pleased and encouraged.

  1. I'd recommend the break up diet for fast weight loss but frankly it's not worth it. Your kitchen sounds exciting. When do I get to eat some cookies?

    kungfukitten    Mon Dec 8, 06:47 PM    #


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