Requiem for a crappy little camera.

Posted Thu Dec 11, 2003, 09:06 AM by Tracy | |

My crappy little digital camera has stopped taking pictures. It was a cheap little thing I bought when (remember them?) went out of business. It refused to take photos at last Sunday’s open sparring. I got one fuzzy picture from it today, then that was all she wrote.

For the price, it’s not worth the trouble to get it fixed. Don’t know what’s wrong or even if it can be fixed. Time to buy a new camera.

I’m looking for a digital camera that can handle both action shots and print-quality (high resolution, 300dpi) stills. Under $500. Wa-a-ay under $500. Anyone got recommendations?

  1. I have a Canon Powershot G3. It's definitely one of my favourite toys. Highly recommend it.

    — Ruben    Fri Dec 12, 07:54 AM    #

  2. Nikon coolpix seems to be the best on the market but I love my Kodak for it's ease of use. BTW, sorry I flaked out on Sunday. Someday I'll buy you a beer and tell you all about it. Then you'll want to buy me a beer. Oy!

    kungfukitten    Sat Dec 13, 03:46 PM    #

  3. Check out They have pretty much every digital camera listed and reviewed. It's a good source. :) Best o' Luck!

    cherz    Mon Dec 15, 10:53 AM    #


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