Dreaming of a wet Christmas.

Posted Wed Dec 24, 2003, 10:00 AM by Tracy | |

It’s Oregon, what can you expect? I’m sure I heard thunder last night. Maybe it was just the new stove hood vent flapping in the wind.

I have a quiet day ahead of me. Just a little web site updating to do, pick up our Christmas Eve crab, order a last-minute Amazon gift certificate.

I knit a scarf as a last-minute present. It was 6ft. long, with fringes. Then I washed it. Now it’s 8-1/2ft. long. The yarn relaxed. Oh well, gauge isn’t that critical for scarves.

As if we don’t have enough to worry about, with orange terrorist alert status, Mad Cow Disease was discovered in an old sick Holstein in Washington State. My dad always maintains you find e.coli in meat from old sick dairy cows. Now we’ve got BSE as well.

I maintain that’s what you get when you feed herbivores protein supplements made from ground up other herbivores. Cows are not supposed to eat dead sheep. And don’t eat meat from old sick dairy cows. They are not meat producers. Eat good wholesome Angus beef.

  1. Christmas Eve crab? Is that what people eat in Oregon on this day? Happy holidays.

    Irene    Wed Dec 24, 12:03 PM    #

  2. Oh yeah! I'm heading over to my mother-in-law's to have crab, too. Yuuummmmmm...

    Better than the Killer Cow.

    cherz    Wed Dec 24, 03:12 PM    #

  3. Cherzy, what are you talking about? You're not married, you don't have a mother-in-law.

    Tracy    Sat Dec 27, 04:08 PM    #


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