My name is Magpie and I have a drinking problem.

Posted Tue Aug 31, 2004, 14:14 PM by Tracy | |

Clearly drinking and blogging don’t mix. Drinking and commenting on other people’s blogs is even worse. I don’t remember writing that …

My problem is that when I drink, I drink too much. Now for most people too much would be a couple six packs of beer, half-a-fifth of whiskey, six or seven martinis, whatever. For me, too much is two martinis. Or the entire bottle of wine. Like the other night.

I really expected to have the mother of all hangovers Monday. In a feeble attempt to alleviate the anticipated misery, I drank a couple big bottles of water and took several ibuprofen. I woke up early in the morning, wide awake and never got back to sleep. Strangely, I never got my hangover.

That has me worried. Hangovers are God’s little reminders that you shouldn’t f*ck yourself up like that. What does it mean when I don’t get a hangover? Do I have a free pass now?

  1. Maybe my cure is longer lasting than we realized... because I must admit when I read that by the 29th you were willing to risk "a whole bottle", I was shocked! I kind of expected you on my doorstep on the next morning.

    Patty O    Wed Sep 1, 12:05 PM    #

  2. Congratulations. It's means you're now a professional! Your membership card is in the mail. Welshcome to sha fold.

    kungfukitten    Wed Sep 1, 12:18 PM    #

  3. Heh. Yeah... I was wonderin' cuz you started flashing my Random Stuff, and then hit on the Archives section. ;)

    cherz    Wed Sep 8, 09:59 AM    #


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