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June 2002
June 30 2002
When John Entwistle died, I promised myself, no comments about celebrities dying in threes. Well guess what, a third celebrity has died: the incomparable Rosemary Clooney.
George Clooney's auntie, you philistines.

June 29 2002
The circus is in town.
We all know Cirque du So What is in town, with their fancy-schmancy costumes and incredible feats of acrobatic prowess and fantasty story-lines and astronomical ticket prices. Haven't seen it.

ticket stubHere's where the action is: The Jim Rose Circus. It's good old-fashioned circus sideshow fun: Jim Rose swallows and regurgitates a goldfish. Bebe the Circus Queen has a bowling ball dropped onto a glass plate on her stomach. Rubber Boy, not a small man, squirms his body through an unstrung regulation-sized tennis racket. Mr. Lifto lifts heavy objects dangling from piercings through sensitive body parts. The most sensitive body parts you can imagine. Yes, even that sensitive body part.

We had friends for dinner last night (they were delicious!) then off to see the show at the Roseland theater, the old Starry Night. Unfortunately for our hearing, the opening band was atrocious and loud. But the Jim Rose Circus was a hoot! What really made the show, IMHO, was Jim Rose's non-stop-over-the-top-of-the-lungs circus barker patter full of insults and exaggeration, whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

The Who will tour, as a tribute to John Entwistle.

June 28 2002
Hope I die before I get old.
John "The Ox"/"Thunderfingers" Entwistle of The Who died last night at age 57 of an apparent heart attack. He was on meds for a heart condition. That leaves only Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend as original band members, Keith Moon having bought the farm in 1978. E had tix to The Who at The Gorge only a couple weeks from now. Will the tour go on? Uncertain.

June 27 2002
Cotton shrinks.
That, children, is today's lesson in laundry. E came back from Chicago wearing a very nice pima cotton (oooh, soft) t-shirt he bought (on sale!). Somehow, I swear I don't know how, it ended up with the "whites" and got washed in hot water. Now it's smaller. Oh, about my size.

E also brought me back a little something. When he called from the Wrigley Field gift shop, I asked for a tank top, size medium. I expected, oh you know, a tank top, maybe even a sleeveless t-shirt. Instead he brings me this little white tight-across-the-bust spaghetti-strapped trifle with a ruffly bottom edge. It looks so trailer park.

June 25 2002
I'm getting excited. E is coming home tomorrow. And by "tomorrow" I mean 2am in the freakin' morning. So do I stay up all night or do I take a nap?

June 24 2002
Shortest interview on record.
I just had a job interview that lasted about 5 minutes. It was with an advocacy organization (read: "no money") for a writer / web site designer position. After a few standard questions ("what are you looking for in a job?") the interviewer asked about my salary requirements. Alas, my minimum was way more than their maximum. She had the good grace to end the interview there, for which I was sorry because she was so nice.

I am getting tired of applying for jobs for which I am barely qualified or over-qualified. One place I applied just hired an MBA to do marketing - for less $$ than I made as a production artist.

June 23 2002
A guiding light snuffed out.
Esther Friedman Lederer, better known to millions of readers as Ann Landers, died Saturday at the age of 83.

I grew up reading Ann Landers. I learned about sex and relationships and character from Ann Landers. I thought she was the greatest. She had written her column since 1955; I never thought she sounded old-fashioned or prurient. Ann told it like it was - and should be.

My bad. eBay pulled an auction of mine yesterday for profanity. Oops. Guess you shouldn't describe something as "bad-ass". That one just didn't occur to me.

The interesting thing (at least to me) is observing my emotional reaction. I feel bad for quite awhile after making a mistake, even after I rectify it. I'll catch myself feeling mildly depressed, then remember, oh yeah I made this mistake. It's not even like I did something really bad or hurt someone. Just that I broke a rule inadvertantly, or otherwise gave someone cause to correct me. What's so bad about making little mistakes? I'm not allowed to make any kind of mistake at all?

June 22 2002
Cocktail madness.
This cocktail party I went to last night was more than just a cocktail party. It was a celebration of the publication of Paradise on Ice: 50 Fabulous Tropical Cocktails by Mittie Hellmich. Mittie herself was mixing the libations. Lotsa rum and ice and blue stuff, paper umbrellas and nasturtiums. Hawaii 5-0 theme music played in the background. I looked fab in a sleeveless black dress, turquoise & silver earrings and necklace, and a pink umbrella behind one ear. Look for Paradise on Ice in your local bookstore or buy on-line.

As it turns out I won't be going to Bend, after all. I got a callback yesterday from one of my job applications and I have an interview on Monday. I've almost forgotten what it's like to actually interview for a job.

June 21 2002
Party on.
E leaves for Chicago and my social life picks up. Last night I had drinks out with a group of girlfriends and spent the night at one girlfriend's house. Tonight I'm going to a cocktail party. Sunday I'm visiting another girlfriend in Bend. Maybe E should leave town more often.

There's a lot of creepy weird stuff going on in this world and the good people of Arizona get to read all about in The Buzz. It's the stuff in the left-hand content column ("would you believe ...").

June 19 2002
The party never stops.
As an extended celebration of my encroaching middle age, I was treated to a lovely tea and supper last night at Tao of Tea by my two good girlfriends, Nerdygirl and Leslie.

The best present of all was help with Javascript from Nerdygirl. She set me down the right path to opening and closing windows. Now I've got the knitting gallery working the way I want it. Click on a little picture that has the words "details" below it. A new little window will open up. In that new little window click on the words "Project details": the little window disappears and a page about the knitting appears in the big window. Yippee! It takes so little to make me happy.

June 17 2002
A major case of "oops".
Word up. If you're going to burn an emotionally distressing letter, don't do it the middle of a forest.

June 14 2002
What I did for my 40th birtday.
Woke up with a headache at the base of my neck. Bleh. Watered the garden. Did 30 min on Nordic Trak. Worked as much Thursday NYT crossword as I could by myself. E sang "Happy Birthday" to me. Caught up on reading blogs. Spent a few hours on a couple different designs for a client site. Enjoyed a nice homemade sukiyaki lunch. Received four birthday phone calls (missed Mom's in the evening). Read my book on the couch with the fans going full blast, trying to beat the heat. Went to my regular kung fu class where I was promised 40 birthday bruises and threatened with 40 birthday smacks with Arnis sticks. Received hand-made birthday card in Chinese from Matthew. Played a couple rounds of croquet with the Sifus and lost miserably. Met E downtown and had a Lemon Drop, a free salad and a birthday mousse, courtesy of a sweet sweet waitress. Then we went home, caught the tail end of Reilly: Ace of Spies and went to bed. The end.

June 13 2002
Today I am 40.
I'm also still unemployed. Feh.

Who shares a birthday with me?
Nephew Jared is 11.
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are 16.
Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) is 32.
Ally Sheedy is 40.
Tim Allen is 49.
Richard Thomas is 51.
Dennis Locorriere (Dr. Hook) is 53.
Malcolm McDowell is 59.

Today's reading: Shakespeare in the Bush.

June 11 2002
The horror. The horror.
It was like watching a train wreck. A horrible, slow moving, tone deaf train wreck.

American Idol premiered tonight and like millions of other sick sad souls, I watched it. (Hey, I was folding laundry, it came on after That Seventies Show.) It astounds me that people who sing so profoundly badly have deluded themselves to such a depth that they actually think they have the talent to be a pop star. As if that weren't enough, they get all huffy and insist on arguing with the panel of judges. Excuse me, honey, but yes they do have a right to judge you: they are the judges. They're the ones who have been selected and empowered to decide if your singing ability is up to scratch, which it ain't. You can say in your snotty little voice with your snotty little attitude, "that's your opinion" all you want, but that won't change the fundamental construct of an audition: it is the judges' opinions that count, not yours.

I suppose this is just a particularly ear-splitting demonstration of the inability to recognize one's own ineptitude.

June 10 2002
Licensed to drive ... men wild!!
my crappy driver's licenseI renewed my driver's license today with a brand new picture.

Notice how my hair sort wings out to the left (mine, not yours). Notice the expiration date. That means I'm stuck with this photo for eight years.

June 6 2002
What is this world coming to?
Brandon Cruz is fronting for the Dead Kennedys.

Yes, you read that correctly. Brandon Cruz, as in The Courtship of Eddie's Father, is touring with and singing lead for the Dead Kennedys, as in California Über Alles. Apparently Eddie's been a punk rocker for years. Who knew?

June 4 2002
Kitty needs a home.
Kitty has a home now.
kitty needs a homeCan you find it in your heart and home to make a place for a very nice kitty?
Leslie has rescued a real lover of a cat and needs to find a home for it. I've already got two, so does she. E-mail me with your contact info so I can pass it on to Leslie.

Read Kitty needs a home details.

June 3 2002
June is bursting out all over.
peonies in full bloom See my beautiful peonies, aren't they gorgeous? By "my" I mean "E's". (He selected and planted them.)

This weekend we had a kung fu test at which I helped. I'm happy to say everyone passed and was promoted a rank. I got popped a couple times in the face, nothing serious. It's almost funny.

I did miss out on my grade school reunion. Didn't get much sympathy for that. They tore down my old grade school and unveiled the new one last Sat Jun 1 2002. My dad wasn't impressed. He thought the old school looked better, couldn't see anything wrong with it. I don't know. I was sorry to miss out on a party for Youth Circus alumni. Dad said he'll try to buy me the video for my birthday. Now I can prove I was in a circus. No I wasn't a clown or a freak.