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February 2002
February 27 2002
I swear I don't know how that porn got on my computer.
Oh, man, the creepiest thing happened. I launched my browser and pulled down my Favorites menu, and there were a bunch of porn sites listed at the bottom. E says he didn't bookmark them. Of course I believe him. Stop snickering.

I have to go take a shower now.

February 26 2002
I bunged up my knee last night at 'fu class, I think. My left knee is slightly swollen and I'm gimping a bit. I must have twisted it somehow. We were doing a lot of jumping and kicking.

As part of my clutter clearing campaign I'm selling stuff on eBay, a first for me. I'm counting on getting better prices than a garage sale.

February 24 2002
The French are messed up.
To be more specific, a Frenchman named René Laloux is messed up. We watched an 1973 sci-fi animated film last night: Fantastic Planet. Very surrealistic. English dubbing didn't match the English subtitles.

February 21 2002
I got a new toy.
Ally My brand-new cheap digital camera came yesterday and I have been having such fun. This is Ally, "the idiot child", in her favorite spot doing her favorite thing, and a little pissed that I woke her just to take her picture.

We had a bit of initial frustration with the camera because the software that came with doesn't recognize the camera. Instead, the camera is "auto-recognized" by the computer and shows up on the desktop as a removable drive. Go figure.

Currently in the running for cutest Winter Olympian, Male: Apolo Ohno and Jimmy Shea.

February 20 2002
Isn't it ironic.
Vonetta Flowers is the first black person to win an Olympic gold medal: she did all the heavy pushing, then had to sit in the back.

Nephew Jared suggests that children born today should be named Bob and Anna.

February 19 2002
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy!
This is my favorite Olympic moment yet. The race is not always to the swift. Sometimes all you have to do is stay upright.

February 17 2002
Weekend update.
It took all freakin' Sunday, but I finally updated my résumé to my satisfaction. It looked so dated - I originally put it up in November 2000, right before getting laid off from Convergent and before I learned to use style sheets. Plus, I really like typing "&eacute;".

February 16 2002
A sign of the coming end times.
E is cleaning out the garage, clearing trash and clutter. He even said I could sell his free weights at the eventual garage sale. Even more remarkable, a couple of his friends came by to finally pick up the car engine that's been here since before I moved in, 9-1/2 years ago. I never thought I'd see it go.

It looks like is going out of business. They've let go most of their staff and have discounted their merchandise. I used this as an excuse to get the digital camera I've been wanting. Nothing fancy, just a basic little Olympus D-100. I've been using my credit card so much lately I've got the number memorized.

February 14 2002
I put the "dot" in "dot-com".
Actually, I took it out, colored it red, slapped it on a business card and called it design.

business card design
They're getting printed and I'm already fussing about the exact color. Is PMS Warm Red too orange-y? A really red red would be too cliché. There's still time to go back to the print shop and look at a PMS book.

The moon was beautiful this evening: a thin sliver, just past new, low in the sky and glowing nearly orange.

February 12 2002
Please like me.
Job interview this morning with National Psoriasis Foundation. It went well, but frankly, it's a job I could do in my sleep. Gosh, I hope no one follows the links from my résumé and sees this. How potentially embarrassing.

I just noticed a bruise on the back of my hand. Wonder where/whom that came from?

Oh quick, go to beefpile. See how adorable Chris is. Now, before he takes the picture down.

February 10 2002
Yo yo oy oy.
I got a wonderful compliment the other day from a fellow participant on E2. He said he wasn't much interested in weblogs until he read mine. I was so touched. Ladies and gentlement, please meet Ruben. Ruben and his lovely wife Anneloes and their cat Timmie live in the Netherlands. Ruben's blog looks really cool, btw, and he's pretty cute, too.

Books have been pulled and culled and are being prepared for their next destiny in life. E gets nervous when I talk about selling off books.

February 7 2002
More death to clutter.
The clutter clearing is coming along, slowly. It takes courage to throw out stuff, to finally admit that I really have no plans to use that beautiful yarn that I've had for over ten years. The books are next.

February 4 2002
Death to clutter.
I just picked up this book on clearing out the clutter in your life, physically and spiritually. I'm tired of having all this crap around me. No, E stays. But the accumulated junk has got to go. If it's not beautiful and/or useful, it's out of here. If it hasn't been used in years, it's history. I've already organized number of drawers and a closet. Still haven't tackled the big stuff, like the attic and my room.

I realized the other day what I am doing: I am preparing myself to turn 40. I'm losing weight and clearing the clutter. I'm getting myself together to freelance full-time. I really think my life is just going to take off after 40.

February 1 2002
Lips that touch wine.
Today E begins his annual month of sobriety, in which he swears off Demon Rum for a month. Why February? Because it's the shortest month. E doesn't like leap years.

This freelance thing might just work out after all. My former employer has contracted with me to update the web site every other week, so that's a steady gig. Still gotta get some business cards designed. *Sigh*