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January 2002
January 30 2002
Get whacked.
Nerdygirl has turned me on to a new internet time-waster: googlewhacking. The object of the game is to come up with two words that generate a single result in a Google search. I did it, after a few tries, with "megawatt vermiform". Both words have to be in, so no made-up words or proper names. Get the full story on

January 29 2002
My brain hurts.
But I'm feeling much better, now. Yesterday I had a headbanger of a headache. I didn't feel like going anywhere, which was just as well, because my car was in the shop having its clutch master cylinder replaced.

I hope I have the car back today, because I'm meeting Leslie and Rebecca for tea. It sounds so ladylike and genteel.

I'm back and I've got the car back. Whippee! Now it shifts like a dream.

January 27 2002
Snow day.
We finally got some snow. Now I feel justified for putting on my studded tires. Of course, it's melting right away. I did hear that it's supposed to get very cold, below freezing, so I brought in the geraniums.

January 25 2002
Something old, something new.
At long last! I'm finally putting up some content on this site. I finally got my best and favorite essays from Everything2 formatted for this site. So you can go read

What's more, I'll soon be porting everything over to my very own domain. You'll have a whole new URL for this site. Isn't that exciting? Coming soon:

January 23 2002
Takin' what they're givin', 'cause I'm workin' for a livin'.
I suppose it's working, though not much of a living, yet. I went into Purple Mountain today to update the web site (don't look, it's not live yet). I'll get paid a little. At least I got to familiarize myself with old procedures and systems that I thought I had managed to wipe clean from my memory.

If all goes well this will turn into a regular site maintenance gig. It won't pay particularly well, below my usual freelance rate, but it will be regular.

January 21 2002
All hail Keg-o-lator.
Yesterday E dragged home an old refrigerator. The price was right: free. It's propped up in the garage, awaiting its ultimate destiny as a Keg-o-lator, a beer-dispensing refrigerated unit. For mere pennies a day, you too can enjoy healthy, refreshing beer. Just get an old fridge, drill a hole in the door big enough for a tap, and stick a keg in there. I'm all for it, because beer by the keg is so much cheaper than beer by the bottle. Plus I like the Old World feel of going down a few stairs to pull a pitcher of beer.

January 19 2002
E and I had a lovely afternoon Friday, taking advantage of his day off. We lunched, shopped downtown, then saw Gosford Park, the new Robert Altman film. If you like Agatha Christie mysteries and Masterpiece Theatre, this is the movie for you. Hopefully your movie house experience won't be enhance by Odorama, like ours was. An older man a few seats down from us was particularly redolent. What I can't figure out is, how does someone who doesn't have the wherewithall to bathe regularly come up with the price of admission?

It is a bit bothersome to me these days that I often have to identify well-established and respected film actors by their parts in recent pop culture extravaganzas. Ian McKellen, who's he? Oh, he's Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. Maggie Smith? She's in the Harry Potter movie as Professor McGonagall.

January 18 2002
I don't know why I should be so happy that the weekend is coming up. I mean, it's not like I've got a real job or anything.

January 16 2002
Snow no snow.
It snowed this morning, but only for a little while and it didn't stick. I almost felt justified in putting on my studded tires this year.

The last few winters have been relatively warm. I have yet to see ice on the cat's outside water bowl this year. I remember winters when it was frozen solid.

January 15 2002
The guilty truth.
The guilty truth is I like not working. Every time I see that big Powerball lottery sign the fantasy grows a little more real. I'm having a tough time motivating myself to really seriously look for work. Given that Oregon has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, I'm just not too hopeful for immediate employment. Of course, it helps that E has a good steady job. I suppose if I were relying solely on myself I'd be a lot more motivated.

January 14 2002
It works! It works!
Hot diggity! I actually lost 1lb. last week. I am so excited. I've been doing my Nordic track for 1/2 hour most mornings and keeping my caloric intake low. I downloaded a shareware application for my Palm so I can record the food I eat and it tracks my calories for me. My goal is to drop 1 lb. a week. I figure that's a safe, healthy rate of weight loss. And the Nordic Track is getting easier each time, too.

Last night we went to the Brasserie for a wake in memory of John Hall, a ubiquitous Portland bartender. Lots of people, lots of talking and laughing and remembering. We left relatively early and stopped to see another bartender who was on duty and couldn't make it. That's when I discovered I was wearing two different Birkenstocks.

January 12 2002
Guess what happens if you don't renew your domain name registration. Nothing. At first. Then one day, it just suddenly goes away. Oops.

Over a year ago a group of us pooled our cash and bought us a domain name ( so we could put up our resumes. Just in time for the company we all worked for to go south. I think I'm the only one who kept her resume updated on the site.

Anyhoo ... the registration was only for a year and that year was up in October, heh heh. So when it was finally expunged from the big world of legitimate domains (what do you mean, you didn't notice), I got off my tuchas and re-registered the name for another year. It took a couple days, but we finally got back on-line. Thank you Jason!!!

While I was at it, I also registered, and (of course) That last one just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Pretty soon I'll get those all pointed in the right direction and you'll have a new URL to go to.

The darling child Ally seems to have gotten over her post-dental terror and is back to her sweet affectionate self. To my surprise she is not fighting too much when I give her antibiotics. Big relief!

January 9 2002
I am the worst.
I am the worst kitty mommy ever. I took the "idiot child" to the vet for a dental cleaing. She had three teeth extracted. Now that she's home, the poor thing is terrified of me. I bend down to pet her and she cringes and runs away. I am the embodiment of terror.

January 6 2002
A perfect day.
Today has been just about a perfect day. It was and still is raining - a day that just says "stay inside." So stay inside we did. I knit and drank tea, E watched football and drank coffee. We both worked the Sunday crossword. Late in the afternoon we visited E's brother & family. We arranged to take niece Rachel for a few days at the end of the month while her parents are out of town. Finally a nice Thai dinner with E's parents and sister. Now home again for a quiet evening of more knitting. All in all, a perfect day.

January 5 2002
True confessions.
Call me sick, call me wrong, but I like raw beef. I especially like marinated raw beef. And especially especially beef that E is marinating to cook at some later date. A little slice here, a little slice there, he'll never notice.

January 1 2002
Happy New Euro Day.
I broke with tradition this year and didn't join hands with my kung fu buddies and walk into a cold cold Columbia River at the crack of noon. This cold is lingering on and I don't want to play games with my health. Still, I went to lend my moral support and umbrellas. Oh, I so wish I was better so I could have gone in. It really is fun, honest.

New Year's is a time for resolutions and I would be amiss if I didn't make a few. Historically I avoid making resolutions because I know that I won't stick with them. Most people don't. It's an exercise in self-deception. Nonetheless, here goes: I am talking myself into taking action to lose weight. I won't say how much I weigh, but let's just say that horizontal stripes are not flattering. I also want to get the house better organized and keep it that way. E and I are both just terrible about clutter. And learn Javascript. All good things all to do with my abundant spare time.