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Haven't been doing much meandering lately.

June 30 2001
Stitch by stitch, row by row.
Usually knitting sleeves on sweaters goes pretty fast for me, but this lavender-grey cardigan seems like it's just taking forever. It's knit with cotton flake, not my favorite material to work with. And the stitches are so small. My shoulder gets sore after extended periods of knitting, though it doesn't stay sore for long when I stop. The tingling in my left hand is hardly noticeable and the occasional twinges in my right thumb don't affect my knitting.

Went out after kung fu class today with my school mates for breakfast. We haven't done that in a long time. We're a bunch of kung fu-literature-computer geeks, so we always have plenty to talk about. It's just really enjoyable to kick back with the people I beat on (and get beaten on by).

People are setting fireworks off early.

They say celebrities die in threes. With the recent deaths of John Lee Hooker, Carrol O'Connor and Jack Lemmon, it looks like that may be true. But we got a bonus death today with the death of Chet Atkins.

June 27 2001
I feel pretty, oh so pretty.
Today I got cut and colored, so my hair's all pretty now, with fresh gold highlights. Ronnie showed me pictures of his new boyfriend, only he won't say boyfriend, they're just dating he says.

I got all the way to kung fu class today only to find that I hadn't loaded up my gear bag. I could have borrowed some workout gear, but instead I came home and made myself a nice little supper. It doesn't hurt to take a day off once in awhile.

Postponing the kung fu test has really thrown me off. I feel like I'm just treading water, waiting for the test just to get it over with. It's hard staying motivated.

June 26 2001
I go to pieces.
A couple weeks ago, almost, I mashed my right thumb in kung fu class. Do it all the time, mashing fingers and what not. They usually get better in a few days, but instead of feeling better, my thumb hurts worse. So I made an appointment to see the doctor. And I've had a funny sickly taste in the back of my throat that makes me think either I've got some kind of bug, or my teeth are rotting out of my head. On the plus side my left hand is feeling much better.

June 23 2001
Found objects.
The other day I found a Chick publication tract. I collect these things, but only if they are genuinely found. So if you find one, I'll be happy to take it. I regret I did not keep the very first one I found, 30 years ago, left by one of my visiting relatives on a bookshelf in my bedroom. I never knew who left it. It was "This Was Your Life."

Chick publications are little cartoon Christian tracts. The standard plot involves some poor soul who falls into the clutches of the devil and the terrible fate that awaits anyone who does not immediately profess to Jesus. A handy checklist is included in the back so you can systematically turn your life around and assure your place in the Heavenly Kingdom. Chick publications are anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, -Buddhist, -Zoroastrian, you name it. Some of my favorites involve a member of another religion or Christian sect being convinced to renounce their lifelong faith, belief system and culture simply on the strength of one lecture about Jesus. Yes, the Word is that strong.

I'm preparing to take my in-laws to the coast for the Scandinavian Midsomer Festival in Astoria, and dinner at the Ship Inn. My mother-in-law has had a hankering for fish and chips for quite some time now.

June 22 2001
Sometimes it is too late.
Got a call the other day from birth Aunt Jenny, Spencer's sister. She had been to a psychic to work out unresolved grief she was experiencing over Spencer's death a couple years ago. The psychic told her that one of Spencer's regrets was that he didn't get to spend much time with me. I was very touched by that. It was just nice to hear.

We have tiny green tomatoes on the vine. The plants are growing quite tall, but we're not too sure about the tomatoes themselves. The cherry tomatoes look the most promising. The orange tomato is very doubtful.

June 18 2001
Never too late to update.
It has been brought to my attention that I am not updating this site often enough, ahem. It also seems I failed to upload a previous update, ahem. I shall endeavor to do better.

Went back to the neurologist today for a follow-up. My left hand, the one affected by the compression on the ulnar nerve, is definitely better, but not completely healed. He poked my fingers with the sharp end of a broken Q-tip. Distinctly more sensation in the affected fingers, but what does that mean. Nerves can get hypersensitive as they heal, or may be hypersensitive when they're damaged. So I am to keep wearing the brace and get back in touch with him by phone if I don't feel like it's healing after awhile.

I don't know what he thought of my response to one of his questions. The doctor asked if I thought my arm was getting better because of the brace or if it was just getting better on its own. I replied that I can't really know without doing a controlled experiement.

June 13 2001
Life is funny.
Life just goes around, things change, and there's nothing to do but roll with it. The big event that has had me on pins and needles, that has dominated my waking thoughts for the past several weeks, has been postponed indefinitely. We had a kung fu test scheduled for Saturday. But last Friday one of the sifus in our system died suddenly of a heart aneurysm. So Saturday morning we will have a memorial.

June 12 2001
I'm ba-a-a-ack.
Well, by golly, I made it through the intensive. Seven straight days of kung fu training, culminating with a 6-hour workout on Saturday. Felt really crappy the next morning; went to nephew Joey's graduation from Catlin Gabel Saturday night when I would rather have stayed home and gone to bed early.

It was an experience, I'll say that, on many levels. In a way I even enjoyed it. I was afraid of what might happen, not knowing what to expect. But it was never anything I couldn't handle and the specific critques I got from Sifu Chris are invaluable. I feel much better prepared for the test on Saturday.

I changed the text of my email address at the top right of these pages, hoping to foil the email harvesting 'bots. I've been getting a lot of spam in my hotmail account lately.

June 3 2001
Lazy Sunday.
This looks like my last lazy day for awhile, so I'm making the most of it. This evening commences my week of intensive training with Sifu Chris in preparation for the brown belt test coming up in a couple weeks. I'm a little anxious, because I don't know what to expect. But a long talk with Sifu Patty Thursday after class helped put my mind at ease. This will probably be the last log entry for awhile, as I'll be too tired from 'fu to update.

I'm finding The Autumn of the Patriarch a little tough going, so I'm putting it off until I can spend concetrated time with it.

The local wildlife is getting a bit aggressive. Jays are flying onto the porch and the racoon is coming around in the earlier and earlier to eat cat food.

• My computer is fixed.
• Data was successfully recovered from the bad hard drive.
• I am wearing my arm brace at night.
• The ulnar nerve situation in my left arm is improving.