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May 29 2001
Done at last.
Finally! It took me nearly all month but I finally finished my Mo Duk Pai philosophy paper. What a relief. That is a big burden lifted off my shoulders.

The other good thing is my scanner works now. It came with the system, but it scanned dark on one side. I thought it was a hardware issue, but when I called Tiny tech support, they said it was more likely software and gave me the step-by-step procedure to fix it. Thank heavens it worked!

May 28 2001
Memorial day holiday.
E and Jim returned from camping last night. They had a good time, coming back smelling of camp smoke and sweat. Into the showers, both of ye! E declared their new nicknames: Stihl and Husqvarna.

I have a lot planned for myself today. I'm doing a bit of reorganizing of this site, introducing a directory page (see upper left corner of this central panel for permanent location of link), updating my resume and cleaning up files. Also, I need to work on my Mo Duk Pai philosophy paper. I've got the structure in place, which helps, but still have the hard work of writing ahead of me.

May 24 2001
It's mine, all mine!
I have the entire house to myself. E and Jim have gone camping with a bunch of E's friends, expected back Saturday. Have fun guys. I took myself out after work for a martini, chatted with the bartenders and waiters at the Brasserie Montmartre, then off for a bit of sushi, topped off with green tea ice cream. Mmmmm.

Right now I'm pretty pissed at the idiots in the accounts department at Netpliance/i-opener/Earthlink. I canceled my service (or thought I did) back in February. I still got charged on my Visa in March. I requested cancellation of service and a refund which I received in April. Then in May, a charge shows up again on my Visa bill. Sent a message yet again. We'll see how that turns out.

May 23 2001
Once more into the breach.
Went back to OT to have my brace adjusted. The OT lady said I was like the princess and the pea. But she did smooth out the wrinkle and pushed out the brace where it was rubbing against my elbow. I'm going to try again tonight. See how long I can go before I tear it off.

We've got some really magnificently colored bearded irises. Sort of brassy purple. Really stunning.

May 22 2001
Okay, last night I wore the brace. Or rather, I tried to wear the brace. It felt fine when I had it fitted, but when I put it on at night, ouch! I don't know if I just wasn't wearing it right or what, but I couldn't sleep, it was so uncomfortable. E pointed out a wrinkle in the brace exactly where I was complaining of pressure.

So it's back to OT tomorrow to see if I can get a better fit. Oy.

May 21 2001
Brace me.
Today I had my appointment with occupational therapy to have a splint for my elbow made. It was kind of fun. The brace is a "half-pipe" made from moldable plastic sheeting held in place by velcro straps. It cradles my arm to keep the elbow from bending. I'm supposed to wear it when I sleep.

It seems about all you can do for these type of nerve problems is to protect the affected area and allow it to heal on its own. I don't know how long I'll have to wear the brace - as long as it takes, I guess.

May 18 2001
Slug bug!
I have just been at one of my favorite garden tasks, picking the spit bugs off the tea rose bush. Someone once told me that you can tell a lot about a person's character by how they treat nature's lower creatures. Heh heh heh. I pick 'em off with my tweazers and dunk them in soapy water where they die a slow miserable death.

May 17 2001
Keep your fingers crossed.
With a little luck I'll have my computer back tomorrow. Lori is configuring it and should be finished tomorrow. For the past couple days I've been using Victor's PC while he works on his Mac. We've been kind of cheek and jowl in the same cubicle. Believe me, we're both getting pretty tired of people commenting on our "togetherness". We're friendly but not THAT friendly.

May 15 2001
Doctor doctor give me the news.
Visited with the neurologist today. He poked and he prodded, made me stick out my tongue and whacked me with a rubber mallet. I am neurologically sound, except for drum roll please ulnar neuropathy. I learned many interesting things about the ulnar nerve and how it serves the arm. I learned that nerves move within sheathes. I learned that the symptoms of ulnar neuropathy are consistent, regardless of whether the compression is at the elbow or the wrist. Fascinating.

So I get fitted for a custom-built plastic brace to wear at night to keep the elbow immobile. Plus I can whack E with it when he snores too loud.

Bad news on the computer-at-work front. It turns out it was the hard drive that went bad. We're going to try for data recovery. Fingers are crossed.

May 14 2001
Rainy days and Mondays.
Actually, the rain is a good thing and I'm glad for it. We're expecting a drought this summer, so any rain we get now will help establish the garden so it can weather the dry months ahead.

The motherboard, or some component of it, on my computer at work went out. So I'm without a computer until we get a replacement part tomorrow, though I can "borrow" Victor's for the time being. Hopefully all the data on hard drive is unscathed. My computer functions as a server in our development environment; all the programming that Lori has been doing actually resides on my hard drive.

May 12 2001
Garden of delight.
E and I had a lovely morning. We met his folks at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden for the annual plant sale. We didn't buy anything for ourselves, but bought an azalea for E's mum for Mother's Day. On the drive home E directed me to a neighborhood greenhouse which I didn't even know existed. We bought some tomato plants, impatiens, a couple fancy ferns (one's silver!) and a couple geraniums with the most interesting tri-color variegated leaves. Also some mystery Utah weeds that bloom bright yellow-orange flowers for the spot at the bottom of the driveway that I never water.

Also, updated the code used to create the little popup windows you get when you click on someone's name, like E or Sifu Patty, so that it doesn't make the main page jump to the top. Mad props to co-worker Victor for directing me to Dynamic Drive DHTML Library where I used their automatic code generator. I also think I'm especially clever for modifying the resulting code so that the popup would show up on the screen where I wanted it to.

May 9 2001
One two three what are we blogging for.
I just put a counter on this site, so I can keep track of y'all. It's invisible. You can't see it. Like a lot of the finest things in life, it was cheap and easy. Got the code from The Counter. You can too. Rebecca, the original Nerdygirl, inspired me. .

Had a really nice lunch today with Chris and Rebecca, fellow former Convergites. We went to a Chinese restaurant downtown. Good food, nice interior, sucky acoustics.

May 8 2001
Idle hands, devil's tools.
I'm taking the week off from training, at Sifu Patty's suggestion. I just really needed a break. So ... if I'm not knitting and I'm not training, what am I doing? Jigsaw puzzle! Hint: puzzles make great presents. Also, I'm supposed to be writing a 2000 word essay on Philosophy of Mo Duk Pai.

May 5 2001
Lay about for the roses.
It's Derby Day. I think I'll watch it. Not that I'm a big horse race fan, but I am having "slug day" in which I mostly lay around like a slug.

I made a delibrate decision not to train today. Normally I train Saturday mornings. But this morning I felt crappy. Not so bad that I couldn't go train - and I often have (no I'm not hungover - E says there's something going around). But I haven't been enjoying it lately. I'm tensing up in anticipation of an upcoming brown belt test. Not that training is supposed to be all beer & skittles, but if you're not enjoying it on some level, if it's just become another chore, you're not open to learning. Maintaining a healthy balance is part of the training. There's nothing to be gained from forcing the issue.

PT has pretty much given up on me and my inflamed ulnar nerve. Nothing they tried made any significant difference. Now I get to see a neurologist. Dollars to donuts I end up getting acupuncture.