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I really can't explain this one. It really tries to encompass ... everything. See it for yourself. Not for the faint of heart. Everything includes things that offend. Welcome to the universe.

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Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - "An irreverant look at the week's news." I really try to catch this show every Sunday. I got a vicarious thrill when the wife of my (former) manager at Convergent called up, played and won!

April 29 2001
Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine.
We just got back from a lovely weekend at the coast. Warrenton-Hammond had its annual Seafood & Wine Festival. We took our time driving there Saturday, arriving mid-afternoon. Tried several wines: Merlots, Pinots Noir, Gris & Blanc, a port-style Cab Sav, Chardonnays, even a dry Muscat. Nothing was particularly outstanding, but most of the wines were quite pleasant. I ate a whole crab.

April 27 2001
Oh my god, I can't believe it! I've been noding (adding entries) in Everything2 for only three days and today I got an entry listed in Cream of the Cool on the front page. I wrote my usual rant about Sexism, Racism and Pet Overpopulation on Star Trek. You've probably heard it from me before. Of course people corrected me on multiple points, but I'm still thrilled.

On the other hand, the left to be specific, I seem to have developed a little carpal tunnel action to go along with the ulnar nerve situation. Had PT today and the nice PT lady put some tape on my arm. It's supposed to pull the skin away from the nerve, to help relieve the pressure. I know, sounds like voodoo to me too, but it did immediately help the twinges I was feeling in my wrist. Now I'm trying to type like Horowitz.

April 26 2001
Farewell to our old training floor.
We had our last regular class on our old training floor tonight. We've been there for about two, three years we figure. It was a fun class. At the end we sat in a circle and stretched. Sifu asked each of us to tell about ourselves and why we train. Then he went around the circle and told each of us the positive thing we bring to our training.

I've gotten myself involved in Everything2. I created two user identities, "Chattering Magpie" and "Magpie2". I created two new entries, for "Ioan Gruffudd" and "A Dead Man in Deptford" and added to an existing entry "sima" (I know two distinct definitions).

I like the name "Chattering Magpie" so much I might just purchase the URL.

April 24 2001
Ice Ice Baby.
More PT today. More laying on a hospital cot with my elbow iced and electrodes attached to my arm. I guess it's getting better. Maybe it's just a matter of time.

We had fun in kung fu class today (we always have fun). Sifu had us up on the climbing wall trying to knock each other off. Everybody but me got to try. Sifu wouldn't let me go up on account of my shoulder. It's been almost a year since I separated it in class doing a shoulder roll.

We sure have funny weather here in Oregon. One day is cold, cloudy & overcast; the next day is downright balmy.

April 23 2001
Da Doo Run Run.
I went running today for the first time in almost two years. I run/walk between the Hawthorne and Burnside bridges. A couple summers ago I worked my way up to running the entire distance, back and forth. That's pretty good for me. This running is pretty much necessary to prepare myself to redo the brown sash test in June (see last month's log for a stirring description of my previous brown sash test).

April 22 2001
Hope springs eternal.
Yesterday I went overboard and bought a bunch of little plants. Today I finished putting them in the garden. My choices are rather predictable and pedestrian: pansies & petunias, geraniums in pots, snapdragons, marigolds, salvia and dianthus. And of course, my favorite, lobelia. I like lobelia as "filler".

Planting the little plants, in garden and in pots, is my annual rite of faith. I stick them in the dirt and hope they'll grow. It seems so much out of my control. I'm just always amazed that something I planted grows.

April 19 2001
The road to Wellville.
Today I had physical therapy. We don't know what caused the nerve inflammation and we don't know what will cure it, either. So the physical therapist lady administered simultaneous applications of ice and some medicine I can't pronounce. She thought kung fu was okay, but said to lay off the knitting. And avoid repetitive motions (like typing - which I'm doing right now). That's pretty much my life & work, right there.

Strangely enough, putting down the knitting isn't upsetting me as much as I thought I would. Although knitting doesn't seem to aggravate the inflammation in my elbow, the numbness in my hand makes the activity unpleasant.

Why is Mose licking the keyboard?

April 14 2001
The results are in. We have a diagnosis.
E is so proud of himself. He has maintained his perfect record of correctly diagnosing my injuries from diagnostic images. He diagnosed an inflamed ulnar nerve, aggravated by surrounding soft tissue swelling and a couple little bone spurs that aren't helping at all. The radiologist agreed with him.

So, now what? Depends on what the doctor (a real one, not E) prescribes. But it will probably mean I will require a full ergonomic set up at work. Don't know what this means for kung fu and it will almost certainly limit my knitting.

April 12 2001
Spring in Oregon. This time we mean it.
We have a lovely display of tulips in the front garden bed, yellow and red and many shades of pink. Our little azalea bush is almost all over with bright red blossoms. This is a good climate for rhododendrons & azaleas of all kinds.

I am just minutes away from an MRI and x-rays, which will hopefully tell us why my ulnar nerve is irritated. Enquiring minds want to know.

April 8 2001
East is east, West is west and ne'er the twain shall meet.
The Willamette River bifurcates Portland along a north-south axis. Seven bridges cross the Willamette. At this time there is construction on the Ross Island bridge, freeway onramps on the Morrison bridge are closed for construction and the Hawthorne bridge is closed "on loan" to a Hollywood production company.

April 7 2001
It's April, it's Oregon, it's hailing. 'Nuff said.
Finally saw the doctor. Numbness & tingling is result of pressure or irritation of the ulnar nerve, the one in your elbow. Next step is to figure out whether it's a soft tissue problem or a hard tissue problem, then figure out what to do from there. Meanwhile, it's really really annoying to have my left hand always feeling like it's going to sleep.

April 5 2001
I feel pretty
Yesterday I got cut & colored. Now my hair is all pretty again. It's not dyed, it's "enhanced".

I can't get in to see the doctor until Friday at 5:30. My arm is no worse and no better. It just feels like my left hand is always "asleep".

April 1 2001
Slowly the numbness sets in
I don't know how I managed to avoid this in 15 years of knitting and working on the computer, but I finally have a neurological problem that's not in my brain. When I woke up Friday morning my left arm was slightly numb and tingling from the elbow down. It twinges when I bend my arm or lean on my elbow. I'm calling the doctor Monday. Naturally knitting is no help. Good thing I got that 3D globe jigsaw puzzle. Hours of fun.

Hint: puzzles make great presents.