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100 things about the Chattering Magpie
Participate in the 100 things project. Deadline: Nov 23 2002.
  1. My middle name is Jo.
  2. I really like beets.
  3. My favorite color is red.
  4. I was born a blonde.
  5. These days my hair color comes out of a bottle.
  6. I was conceived in Idaho in the attic of a house belonging to an Episcopalian priest.
  7. I am short.
  8. I was in a youth circus, 1974-1976.
  9. I took tap dancing from age 6 to age 12.
  10. There are some things I won't write about on my web site.
  11. I met my husband in a bar.
  12. When we were kids and played role-playing games, I nearly always took a male role.
  13. I was often the peacemaker in childhood disputes in my neighborhood.
  14. One-quarter mile from where I grew up, there is a cemetery and in that cemetery is a large monument stone with my family name on it.
  15. I learned to knit in 4-H.
  16. I like digging up weeds.
  17. As a little girl I did not like dolls, much to my mother's consternation.
  18. I didn't like dresses, either. Ditto.
  19. As a young girl I made a conscious decision to not be intimidated by mechanical things.
  20. I'm a pretty good speller.
  21. I nonetheless rely on
  22. In the summer of 1983 I rebuilt a Volkswagen engine, with some help.
  23. A woman seeing me working on my VW proclaimed me "A woman of the '80s."
  24. I taught English at the YMCA in Gaoxiung (Kaohsiung) Taiwan in 1984.
  25. While in Taiwan I was exposed to Hepatitis C.
  26. I gave blood after returning from Taiwan and before being diagnosed as having the anti-bodies for Hep C.
  27. I can no longer give blood.
  28. I raised beef cattle and sheep as 4-H projects.
  29. I still remember the 4-H pledge.
  30. I remember an alphabet-based memory game we played on a field trip in 1980.
  31. I have never smoked ... tobacco.
  32. I struggle with my weight.
  33. 1996 was the year I began learning kung-fu.
  34. I support OPB.
  35. My favorite animal growing up was the beaver.
  36. I admired beavers because they had a work ethic.
  37. I collect children's books and folk stories.
  38. I hate shopping for clothes - or just about anything else for that matter.
  39. I have a hard time remembering the names of people I have just met.
  40. I like Asian food.
  41. I like to save money.
  42. By nature, I am a gullible person.
  43. To compensate for my natural gullibility, I have developed a shell of cynicism.
  44. It doesn't always work, though.
  45. My mother cut my hair in a pixie shag when I was little.
  46. I hated that hair cut.
  47. I have two half-brothers and one half-sister.
  48. I have two real brothers.
  49. I consider my adoptive family my real family.
  50. My older brother is also adopted, whereas my younger brother is not.
  51. My younger brother and I resemble each other, despite not being birth-related.
  52. I do not have children, nor do I wish to.
  53. My husband feels the same.
  54. I like it when my friends have children.
  55. I can touch my chin to my knee by bending over (not lifting my knee to my chin).
  56. I have always been pretty flexible.
  57. The most I have ever weighed is 161 lbs.
  58. I'm embarrassed I weighed that much.
  59. I made my own headpiece when I got married, using roses my husband had given me, which I had dried and shellacked .
  60. On my wedding day I finished knitting a sweater I planned to take with on honeymoon.
  61. We honeymooned in Boston and Montreal.
  62. I refused to move in with my husband before we got married, in part because I couldn't face my elderly relatives who would have disapproved.
  63. I like animals better than people.
  64. I consider it an honor when a small child appears to like me.
  65. I am fundamentally shy.
  66. I have created my own Christmas cards since 1986.
  67. I still think the first Christmas card I made is one of the best.
  68. The first car I drove was the family's '66 Chrysler New Yorker.
  69. As a child I entertained fantasies of persecution by other members of my family. Or witches.
  70. My childhood bedroom doubled as our guest bedroom.
  71. I always dressed up for Christmas dinner, even though the rest of the family didn't.
  72. I am a registered Democrat.
  73. My favorite class in high school was chemistry.
  74. I graduated fourth in my high school class.
  75. My least favorite class in high school was gym.
  76. I initiated a search for my birth family when I turned the age my (adoptive) parents were when I was born.
  77. I have been using Adobe Illustrator since version 1.1.
  78. I have won a trophy and medals for sparring and forms in martial arts tournaments.
  79. The martial arts tournaments I have competed in were very small.
  80. My martial arts-related injuries include a broken nose and a separated shoulder.
  81. I adore puzzles of all kinds.
  82. We have a subscription to New Yorker magazine.
  83. I like fruit and berries of all kinds.
  84. My hair has been cut short most of my adult life.
  85. I am impressed by cleverness.
  86. I balance my checkbook every month.
  87. I pay my credit card balances every month.
  88. Only once or twice have I ever been charged interest on a credit card.
  89. My ears are double-pierced.
  90. I first encountered an unusual body piercing in the summer of 1983.
  91. I think the punk look is retro.
  92. I like men with a slightly Asian look.
  93. Over twenty years ago I devised a name-hyphenation scheme for couples whose individual surnames are already hyphenated.
  94. I like cheesy movies with great special effects.
  95. I dislike "chick flicks", especially ones where the daughter dies.
  96. Not only do I dream in color, I experience all physical senses and sensations dreaming.
  97. In 1976 I saw six movies. Five of them were "Star Wars".
  98. I think "Babylon 5" is a better, more "realistic" TV series than any of the "Star Trek" series.
  99. Growing up, I owned more books than the rest of my family combined.
  100. I need a job.